What is NETmatch?
Netmatch is a website on the Internet where HKU students and graduates post their CVs and where prospective employers browse and select suitable candidates for their vacancies.

Why should I join Netmatch?
Netmatch saves you time. You only need to input your CV once and it will deliver your CV to all the employer subscribers in the system.
By entering your e-mail and personal home page details in Netmatch, employers can approach you at the click of a key.
Over 800 companies/orgainzations have joined the programme since its launch in 1997. These employers come from a wide range of sectors/businesses ranging from banks, engineering firms, trading firms, to hospitals and secondary schools.

How do I become a member?
All HKU students seeking full-time, part-time and summer jobs or internships are eligible to become a member. Graduating students or current graudates are also eligible to apply.
Simply register with your student I.D. at the Reception Counter of the Careers Centre.
Application forms are available in our office and it can be downloaded from "NETmatch", which is hypedlinked to our homepage under "Jobs". Apply for an e-mail account with the Computer Centre as all employers will correspond with shortlisted candidates through e-mails.

How to increase your chance of being selected by employers for consideration?
To increase the chance of your CV being selected by prospective employers, you must pay attention to the following:
- you should be serious in filling in your CV,
- update your CV frequently, not less than once in 3 months,
- make sure that your CV is completed and your email address is provided,
- give as much details as possible and make reference to the guidelines provided,
- check grammatical and spelling mistakes.

If you need help in using Netmatch, please email to

Click here to enter NETmatch