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Aptitude / Reasoning Tests


Please refer to the following materials and websites for practice and information:

(Some of these materials have been recommended to the Main Library. Please check them out from HKUL Catalogue - Dragon)


  • How to succeed at an assessment centre
  • Test your own aptitude
  • How to win at aptitude tests
  • How to win at aptitude tests Vol. II
  • How to pass verbal reasoning tests
  • How to pass graduate recruitment tests
  • How to pass selection tests
  • How to pass numeracy tests
  • Test your IQ
  • Mathematical brain-teasers
  • Test your IQ Skills
  • How to master personality questionnaires
  • How to master psychometric tests
  • Career, aptitude and selection tests
  • Test your own job aptitude
  • Increase your puzzle IQ

Practice Tests

Sample reasoning tests offered by recruiting organizations

Other reasoning tests

Personality Questionnaires

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